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Loading A Moving Truck Requires Time And Effort But A Little Forethought Can Make The Job Easier Learn How To Load A Moving Truck Efficiently

Loading a moving truck requires time and effort, but a little forethought can make the job much easier. If you plan to move soon and need to load a moving truck, here is how to do it efficiently. Disassemble All Furniture Beforehand Disassemble any furniture that comes apart easily before moving day. This may include your bed frame, dining table, modular shelving, and other pieces. Disassembled furniture is easier to move, and taking it apart is something you can do before you pick up your moving truck. As you take apart furniture, put any screws or pegs that you take out of a piece in a sandwich bag and tape the bag to that furniture. This is an easy way to keep track of what hardware goes with which furniture. Stage the Furniture Nearest the Door Your furniture is likely the largest and heaviest items that you're moving, so it should be loaded first and placed near the front of your moving truck's cargo area. This helps prevent shifting, and it lets you position smaller belongings around the bigger furniture. Since you will likely load your furniture first, stage it near the door before you get your moving truck. Arrange it so that the largest items are generally near the door and the smaller ones are a little further back, and make sure to leave room for the door itself to open. As you do this, leave a path from the door through the room containing the furniture. This will ensure people can walk through easily when loading. Stage Boxes in Another Room In another room, stage all of the boxes that you have. These should be set up in stacks that are as high as a hand truck so you can slide the base of a hand truck under them and quickly take one stack of boxes at a time. Back the Truck Close to the Door The distance between the back of the moving truck and your ...

July 13th, 2021